Learn more about why and how the #CleanAirSGV campaign is highlighting air quality issues in the San Gabriel Valley.

Learn how you can use the PurpleAir sensor to help collect and measure local air pollution data.

APIFM's ToP team is committed to spreading awareness of the risks associated with vaping and secondhand smoke. Learn more about how vaping and secondhand smoke can affect you.

Learn about simple ways you can make a difference to improve your local air quality.

Help develop air quality priorities and organize your community to campaign for improve air quality policies at the local level.

Air Quality Research

Invaluable partners in APIFM’s air quality work include:

  • Claremont McKenna College’s Roberts Environmental Center
  • USC Division of Environmental Health

    Thank you to the funders that currently make the Clean Air SGV work possible:

  • California Air Resources Board
  • South Coast Air Quality Management DistrictSouthern California Gas Company

If you are interested in partnering, supporting, volunteering, or just learning more about Clean Air SGV, please email us at cleanairsgv@apifm.org and the appropriate staff will be sure to follow-up with you.