Water is life

Water is Life (水是生命) builds on APIFM’s Clean Air SGV campaign, and is supported with grant funding and partnership with the Council for Watershed Health, Re-Design LA, the Water Foundation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Justice Small Grants Program.

Did you know that over half of our tap water comes from underground (groundwater) while the rest of it travels almost 500 miles from Northern California? Water is Life is a new project that will increase awareness of important water issues such as where our water comes from, how much water we have left, what pollutants are in the water, and how we preserve this precious resource. Water is Life will also engage residents and city leaders to propose a public (or community based) project that can beautify the community and capture rainwater to replenish our dwindling water supply, reduce air pollution and create a safer space for all.


Water Resources

Where does our water come from?

Is my tap water safe to drink?

Who takes care of our water?

What is a watershed?


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