Our Programs

Healthy Food Access & Education

We work on multiple fronts to expand access to healthy food in AAPI neighborhoods and to facilitate healthy change at home. Our Food Roots Nourish project works on a grassroots level to deliver fresh produce and health education in collaboration with community and faith based partners. Our Food Roots Harvest project supports the economic capacity of local Asian American & other farmers of color and brings culturally relevant produce to Southern California neighborhoods via our CSA and wholesale distribution networks. Our CalFresh outreach & education team seeks to elevate awareness about the CalFresh (SNAP) program and increase enrollment among AAPI subgroups, many who are eligible but under-enrolled due to challenges such as stigma, fear and language barriers.

Environmental Justice

We organize for environmental justice in Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley. Our Sustainable SGV project partners with residents, youth, advocates, elected officials and city staff to work towards climate resilient communities by focusing on air, water, land and climate issues. APIFM’s Clean Air SGV & Water is Life team works to educate, engage, and empower local Alhambra and Monterey Park residents about air & water quality issues impacting the communities’ health. We partner with experts such as the Council for Watershed Health, Active SGV, and USC Division of Environmental Health, to ensure that Sustainable SGV Coalition members are informed and updated. We are part of the Nature for All coalition in order to advocate for the protection of the San Gabriel Mountains and the interconnected watershed. We are also working to ensure that AAPI communities have access to green space, safe places to play, and opportunities to engage with nature. Lastly, we are a member organization of the Parks Equity Alliance (PEA) in order to ensure that API voices are at decision-making tables around parks and other key environmental issues in Southern California.

Active Living & Transportation

We work to promote active living and transportation justice through community-based programs and policy advocacy. Our hiking project encourages residents to be active, safe, and civically engaged. In partnership with residents and local leaders, we are constantly advocating for safe streets, accessible and community-informed transport, environmental justice, and other issues key to ensuring the health of our neighborhoods. Want to move with us? Join us either for our weekly Chinatown Fit Club or Tai-Chair in the park. Want to hike with us? Join our HikeAPI LA Facebook Group.

Culture and Community Health

Across our programs, we work to ensure cultural responsiveness and language access. In past years, we partnered with Tongan churches in the South Bay to advance work for local safety and health that centered the cultural knowledge of those communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, APIFM’s Community Health Worker project partnered with the Food Roots team to deliver culturally relevant produce through community and faith based organizations in Los Angeles and Orange Counties as a gateway to engagement on COVID-19 prevention and vaccine access. We also regularly partner with local agencies and academic institutions to elevate awareness of current issues and conduct research focused on AAPI public health issues, including the language and cultural barriers specific to our ethnic communities.