Our Programs

Food Roots Harvest

Food Roots Harvest (FRH) aims to create a just, equitable, and sustainable local food system focused on reconnecting people to their food, the land, and the people who grow it. We do this by working on multiple fronts to expand access to healthy food in API neighborhoods and to facilitate healthy change at home. FRH is a non-profit food hub that works with small farmers and food rescue organizations to bring fruit and vegetables from our cultures to communities in need. Leftover and inedible produce is then given to our composting partners, which can then be recycled back to the earth.

Food Roots Nourish

Food Roots Nourish works with the Food Roots Harvest team and community partners to host locally grown and culturally relevant nutrition education, produce distributions, cooking workshops, education and enrollment access to CalFresh among AA & NHPIs, as well as accessible tai chi & qi gong for immigrant Chinese elders in Chinatown. Our CalFresh outreach actively works to overcome enrollment barriers by providing appropriate language access and assistance to our communities in need, while APIFM’s Community Health Workers (CHW) actively engage with the Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander community in Los Angeles County by working with faith and community based organizations in Long Beach, Compton, Carson, Inglewood, and other neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Our CHWs aim to provide information and access to services that address community health needs to ensure culturally and linguistically appropriate COVID-19 information and support vaccine outreach and testing events.

Sustainable San Gabriel Valley

APIFM works to ensure API communities have access to green space, safe and healthy environments, and opportunities to engage with nature. The Sustainable SGV program serves Alhambra and Monterey Park residents to ensure a healthier community for all in the region and tackles different environmental justice issues in our surrounding communities such as air quality, water capture and conservation, climate change, access to nature, and other factors that impact our overall health and wellness. Our goal is to make sure that we have a healthy environment for all residents.

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