Healing in Nature

Testimonial by Jillene Weide There is nothing like the cold, crisp air of an early autumn morning. After months of warm weather in Los Angeles, it feels amazing when the weather changes and it becomes time to bust out the jackets and beanies and take advantage of the great weather on the trails. I’m not […]

Appreciating Nature (Gould Mesa)

Testimonial by Javier Ramirez I visited the Angeles National Forest for the first time recently and was pleasantly surprised at how much it had to offer. I got there early in the morning and was greeted with crisp air, peaceful silence, good company, as well as soothing nature sounds. I joined a group hike to […]

Picture Perfect Moments in Nature

Testimonial by Jenny Phan In Vietnamese culture, there is a myth explaining the creation of the Vietnamese people. This myth claims that the first Vietnamese people were the children of a dragon lord, whose home was the sea, and a fairy goddess, whose home was in the mountains. Their love gave birth to the first […]