Learning About Kale at KYCC’s Kids Town

By Courtney Shojinaga, Health Educator For the past three weeks, the preschoolers at KYCC have learning about one of the vegetables that they are growing in their own garden- kale! One health benefit of kale is its high content of Vitamin K, which aids with the formation of blood clots after injuries. To make this […]

6 Do’s and Don’ts of CalFresh Benefits

By Finola Rodriguez, APIFM Health Educator Freshly graduated from UC Irvine, I was recruited by Americorps to be an academic interventionist for 11 middle schoolers in South LA. Knowing I would survive on a modest bi-weekly stipend, I was encouraged to sign up for food stamps, which in the end taught me a ton about […]

Gardening 101

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Flavored Water Recipes

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Yoga – Downward Dog

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Yoga – Warrior Pose

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Yoga – Cat Cow

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