By Courtney Shojinaga, Health Educator

For the past three weeks, the preschoolers at KYCC have learning about one of the vegetables that they are growing in their own garden- kale!

One health benefit of kale is its high content of Vitamin K, which aids with the formation of blood clots after injuries. To make this concept easier for the students to understand, they became red blood cells themselves! After creating blood cell hats, they danced around to music and formed a “blood clot” once the music stopped by joining into a large group hug.

After spending time in the garden to harvest their kale leaves, it finally came time for them to try eating it. Though initially wary of the strange green color, all of the students enjoyed the kale smoothie we made!
This smoothie is simple, made with kale, frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, applesauce and water. No added sugar, but naturally sweetened to suit even younger palettes!