One student proudly displays the edamame that she squeezed out of the pod

By Courtney Shojinaga, Health Educator

Whether mixed in with rice or served fresh out of the pods, edamame is a classic snack among API communities. Recently, the students at KYCC Kid’s Town completed a lesson on this vegetable! They learned that edamame is a great source of protein, which helps their muscles to grow. To help the students remember this health benefit, every time the teachers asked why edamame was good for us, they would flex their muscles! Each of the students loved showing off how strong they were becoming.

One of the trickiest parts was teaching the students actually how to eat them! A lot of the kids jumped straight into gnawing on the pods to get to the beans, but they quickly learned that with a little bit of pressure, the beans shoot straight out. Soon, we had a bunch of loose beans flying around the tables!

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