Hello friends and family, 

I have bittersweet news to share. June 7th will be my last day with API Forward Movement. After nearly 8 years here, I will be transitioning out of my role as Director, and moving to an exciting new opportunity at LA County Department of Public Health. Specifically I will be working on partner engagement and collaboration at the Center for Health Equity.

It has been difficult trying to figure out what to write in this farewell message. There is so much that has happened all these years! Do I share about how proud I am of all the staff’s achievements in pushing the envelope for API health? Do I shine a light on the amazing community members who have been the driving force for so many of our campaigns? Do I share about the lesser-known success stories that have kept me going in the most challenging of times? 

There is just not enough room in one message for me to share with you just how deeply impactful this experience has been on my life. The people, the work, and the lessons will always be a part of me, and I aim to do them all justice when I take on my new role at the Center for Health Equity.  

It gives me a chuckle reminiscing on my first day of work here. I started in September of 2011. A younger version of myself was sporting a faux hawk and dressed in both business attire, and an overabundance of optimism. He was eager to get out there and do good work. 

While much has changed, much has also stayed the same. Besides a better haircut (arguably) and a different wardrobe (Dodgers hats), that young man full of hope and energy is still here today. That tenacious spirit for good social justice work has never left and you can see it in how this organization has grown, and what impact it has today. I am proud of my tenure here and am forever thankful to the staff/board/community members/others who were on this journey with me. It will truly be sad to leave this space, but I am relieved to know that I am not going too far away (geographically and work-wise). 

In my transition, both Diyana and Kyle on our team have agreed to step in as co-interim directors. You are in good hands. Working with our parent agency, Special Service for Groups, Inc., and our advisory board, they will help us find the next director of APIFM. I am still here until June 7th, so please feel free to reach out! After June 7th, please reach out to Diyana (diyana@apifm.org) and Kyle (kyle@apifm.org) for anything related to the transition. 

Thank you again for believing in me and the mission of APIFM. I look forward to staying in touch with you in my new role.

With much appreciation,


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  1. What a heartfelt farewell! I am sure there will be many people at and in support of APIFM who will be devastated by the loss – the energy, optimism and dedication to justice you bring to the table. But I have no doubt you will continue to do amazing work with us at the Center. We are honored to have you come aboard and to continue your legacy of change making with us!

  2. Love you so much, Scott! Thank you for all you’ve done for our Pacific Islander communities. Looking forward to continuing to push the envelope inside the machine.

  3. So proud of the work you did in watering, nurturing and growing this org into what it has become today. I remember when you started, just by yourself (if I remember correctly?), in approaching me to re-design the APIOPA logo! As the org grew and objectives grew, you saw the vision to broaden the scope, and approached me again to design a new logo for what would become APIFM. It has been a true pleasure to work with you over the years. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to design for you, and thank you for your “tautua” in serving our communities. May the seeds of service that you’ve planted grow into mighty trees that create a wealth of resources for our people. Manuia lou malaga my friend! -jp

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