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How y’all feeling? Gosh has February been brutal huh? Rain. Cold. SNOW. The elements are out there against us to get steps this month!

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Individual League

We started this league with 20 folks, and now we are left with 14! Congrats to everyone who keeps striving for the 50,000 steps each week! Combined step total this week was 1,196,230, only a slight decrease from our total step count last week at 1,214,813.

If we say roughly 2,000 steps is a mile, combined with steps from weeks 1 and 2 and that’s a total of 1,776 miles…or about the distance of walking from Los Angeles, California to Chicago, Illinois!

Top 5 Ranking – Steps for Week 2

NameSteps+/- Rank from Week 1
1.Sandy Y.130,030+8
2.Cassy H.123,479
3.Bhavika P.107,185-2
4.Jaysn X.88,420-1
5.Ron M.87,466-1

Team League

Well, it’s pretty much a certainty at this point that our previous champions…those slick walkers over at the JACCC need to start shining that wok and saying their farewells. It’s looking more and more like they need to get ready to hand the GOLDEN WOK to this week’s first place team (and overall 1st place for the month team) LURN!

Major props to LURN for setting a Walk the Walk Team League RECORD at 153,611 step average for their team. WOW! If we say 2,000 steps is roughly a mile (not super accurate but let’s just go with it), that means each team member at LURN is walking nearly 77 miles a week. MIND BLOWING. Kudos to y’all! They easily took the top spot from last week’s champions, ActiveSGV. What happened?!?! ActiveSGV dropped 7.35% this week and are now behind roughly 7,000 average steps in the overall. Can they make a comeback in the last week, or will they have LURN’d their lesson? *slow clap*

The big other story this week is MAJOR props to Visual Communications. They finished strong this week with 125,660 step average, which is 26.45% higher than week 2! This shakes things up as we talk about who is going to make it into the top 3. JACCC holds onto the overall 3rd spot for the month at 104,508 step average, but Visual Communications is RIGHT THERE 103,605 step average. It’s a battle of Little Tokyo nonprofits (minus LTSC and LEAP…sorry).

Props also to Los Angeles Walks (89,322), who broke the top 5 for the first time, oversteppin’ our last year’s runner’s up (walker’s up?) Investing In Place (86,012).


Team Rankings – Average Steps for Week 3

TeamAverage Steps% Change
3.Visual Communications125,66026.45%
5.LA Walks89,32212.40%
6.Investing In Place86,012-17.81%
7.Little Tokyo Service Center84,980
8.First 5 LA84,870-4.25%
9.Los Angeles Walks79,4695.74%
10.Friends of the LA River78,319-6.59%
11.So Cal Edison75,883-0.54%
12.Advancing Justice – LA73,72510.12%
14. T.R.U.S.T. South LA (Tenemos
que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar
la Tierra – South LA)
15.API Equality – LA68,7503.92%
16.Thai CDC64,91210.85%
17. American Heart Association 59,76613.17%
18. LEAP
19.Kounkuey Design Initiative 58,2902.48%
20.California Department of Real Estate 55,45819.71%
21.California Walks52,5390.71%
22.The Wilderness Society49,2265.46%
23.Community Health Councils46,931-5.05%
24.LA Neighborhood Land Trust33,901-8.82%
25.Senator Ben AllenN/AN/A

When I asked LURN if they had anything to say to their rival, ActiveSGV, they shared:

@ActiveSGV, emphasis on @

Rudy Espinoza

Yikes how you gonna respond ActiveSGV??

Overall Rankings after 3 weeks

TeamAverage Steps
4.Visual Communications103,605
5.Investing In Place96,370
6.First 5 LA85,590
8.LA Walks81,314
9.Friends of the LA River79,491
10.So Cal Edison72,609
11.Advancing Justice – LA69,075
12.API Equality – LA66,645
13. T.R.U.S.T. South LA (Tenemos
que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar
la Tierra – South LA)
14.Thai CDC58,056
15.Kounkuey Design Initiative 57,838
18.American Heart Association54,046
19.California Walks50,047
20.California Dept. of Real Estate 49,351
21.The Wilderness Society46,957
22.Community Health Councils 45,370
24.LA Neighborhood Land Trust32,568
25.Senator Ben AllenN/A

A few notes on week 3 results: 

I’m still leaving this here because competition gets fierce!

Yes, the Team League is a competition. BUT I do want to remind everyone this is for fun, and it’s meant as a way to encourage us to be more mindful of how active we may be in a day. Many of the groups here are nonprofits or government agencies, and it may not always be built in for us to focus on our health. Let’s do our best to use this challenge to think of how we can incorporate health into our daily schedules!

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