The following post was written by our good friend, and Forward Movement supporter Dan Huynh

When I signed up to train for the 2017 LA Marathon with API Forward Movement (APIFM), a part of me doubted whether it was going to be possible. I didn’t see myself as a runner. Growing up, I was teased for being taller and bigger than boys my age. Family and friends, with good intentions, reminded me to be more feminine. So, I thought I could really only be one type of person: someone who looked athletic but for various social norms and expectations, shouldn’t engage in those activities.

Then 2016 happened.

I was coping with a friend’s cancer diagnosis, trying to find community in a new city, and supporting my family. While I was staying afloat, I knew I needed a support network. When RunAPI announced their season, I showed up terrified and intimidated. But it reassured me to see that was I wasn’t alone. There were other API folks who didn’t identify as runners or, who had similar childhood experiences, giving running another chance.

Medal in hand!

And it’s because of the incredible support that APIFM provides that this past season, all of us who registered for the marathon, finished it. This achievement is now a two-year streak. One of the ways I’ve tried to thank APIFM, our coaches and captains is through fundraising. My journey to the marathon and beyond is possible because of the community and commitment they’ve made to supporting API folks like me stay active and healthy. We’ll continue to do so with your help. Thank you!


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