Greetings everyone! My name is Paul Hoang Nguyen and I am currently a Program Coordinator at Forward Movement (FM). I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor’s in Sociology. When I am not a Program Coordinator, I enjoy hobbies like cooking, mastering the techniques of olympic weightlifting, running unreasonable amounts of mileage, and the occasional working on the next episodes of #paultable4one.

A little more on my current hobby, #paultable4one began during a solo trip to New York and while eating alone at all these local restaurants I found myself looking at my phone to help comfort me while eating alone. So naturally I opened up the camera app and started to record my first bite reactions to the food. Thus, #paultable4one was born. I do a little more talking now in my videos and hope to highlight more local restaurants in my city of Garden Grove and other cities I travel to. You can find my work on Instagram, just type in #paultable4one.

For the past 2 years, I’ve been a part of FM’s Roots Food Hub program, which focuses on building the capacity of local Asian American farmers and brings Asian produce to Southern California neighborhoods via our CSA and wholesale distribution networks. More recently, I’ve been a part of FM’s environmental justice program working with high school youth in the San Gabriel Valley. FM has been an integral part of my work in the API community. I began as an intern at FM during my undergrad years and during this time, I was exposed to how diverse our community is. From being the first culturally relevant CSA anywhere in the country to addressing issues of air quality through empowering youth to voice their concerns to local officials in the SGV, FM’s approach to addressing these diverse needs in our community has taught me to think outside the box. As I move forward in my own development, FM’s continues to challenge, support, and encourage me do the work I am passionate about. Without your support and collaboration, FM would not be able to foster change throughout the API community. Your support is important in empowering our communities of the past, present, and future.

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