By Courtney Shojinaga

The students at KYCC Kids Town have completed a lesson on peaches, which included tasting white, yellow, and donut peaches. One parent shared that her daughter couldn’t stop talking about the donut peaches at home- a fruit that even the mother didn’t know about!

This lesson also came at a time when the peach tree in the Kids Town garden was fruiting. Students were able to then draw the connection between the fruit that they were eating and the tree that they had been caring for! It was exciting to see their excitement in realizing that they were growing the delicious fruits that we tried in class.

When we facilitate food demos with our students, we always cut the produce from our taste tests in front of them. Younger students love seeing how food is prepared and are eager to engage with all different parts of the fruit or vegetable. Doing this also makes it easier to increase their vocabulary when describing their foods, as they are interacting with the different textures, smells, and colors found in produce!