Over the last 7 years, APIFM has been a leader on addressing air pollution in the San Gabriel Valley. Working in partnership with youth and local communtiy leaders, we have not only done education workshops for our region, but also have established an entire grid of air pollution sensors to monitor how good/bad our air regularly.

Check out a video Mark Keppel High School students made with us nearly 6 years ago!

Last week our staff coordinated a cross-the-globe web chat between students of Alhambra High School and students of National Wu Ling Senior High School in Taoyuan, Taiwan. This was a momentous occassion because this shows just how important our work is not only locally, but globally. Air pollution is not just an issue in our town, but has major implications across the world.

These two students groups had a chance to talk about air quality issues in both communities, and what they identified as causes. While the internet service for the webchat was a bit spotty, what was heard loud and clear is that both groups were eyeing solutions for the environmental issues our planet is facing. This includes better monitoring of air pollution (such as the sensors APIFM has installed locally), as well as addressing root issues of what causes air pollution.

We are so happy to know that the future of our planet is in the hands of these amazing leaders!

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