What’s your role at APIFM? How’d you first get connected? What are you working on?

Hi! I am Linda Huynh and I am APIFM’s Community Engagement Coordinator. I was introduced to APIFM back when it use to be called APIOPA. In a previous job, I partnered with APIOPA and the students of Mark Keppel High School in promoting environmental justice. Together, we promoted safer bike routes in Monterey Park with the help of BIKE SGV. In addition, we promoted cleaner air, especially around the classrooms of Mark Keppel (which is right next to the 10 freeway). I am currently outreaching and engaging with community members to participate in our Healthy Eating and Active Living program. In this program, we are providing spaces for participants to become more knowledgeable in how to eat healthier, how to cook healthier (through cooking demonstrations), and to become more physically active.

Why is APIFM’s work important to you?

I believe it’s important to open up more opportunities for Asians living in the United States, because it will ultimately give us a fairer chance to succeed in life. I am drawn to APIFM’s mission to cultivate a healthier movement for Asian communities. I LOVE APIFM’s approach in providing healthier access to foods, nutrition education and physical activities. The organization is providing opportunities for Asian communities to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

In addition, I find it humbling to work with Asian-ethnic and multi-generational groups (especially since I grew up Asian-American to first generation parents). I have experience working with Chinese and Vietnamese groups in the San Gabriel Valley. Therefore, I am looking forward to expanding my horizon with other Asian-ethnic groups in Los Angeles. APIFM is giving me the opportunity to outreach and build relationships with community partners and residents of Chinatown, Historic Filipinotown, Little Tokyo, and Koreatown.

What’s your life like outside of work? What are your hobbies/passions?

In my off time, I love traveling, visiting museums and gardens, and eating out in the SGV. In addition, I find it relaxing to take pictures and experimenting with different cameras. I get my inspiration from my favorite cinematographer, Christopher Doyle.

Linda Huynh is a Community Engagement Coordinator at APIFM. She has eight years of nonprofit experience. She earned her B.A. in Television & Film Media Studies: Tele-communications and minored in Art Studio from California State University-Los Angeles. Linda identifies as ethnically Chinese, Southeast Asian-American and uses she/her pronouns.