Lyna Vuong

Lyna Vuong (she/her) is APIFM's Food Roots Nourish (FRN) Program Manager. She focuses on culturally responsive programming centering on healthy food access, nutrition education, healthy cooking, and community gardening. Lyna also leads farm-to-preschool programs with Early Childhood Education programs in the West San Gabriel Valley and Koreatown to foster gardening and culinary literacy skills with young children and their parents. Lyna brings over ten years of multidisciplinary experience in health-supportive cooking, community engagement, and program development. Prior to joining APIFM, Lyna helped launch a studio that designs 21st century public libraries. She worked with over forty library systems across the country to design creative solutions to support community needs and aspirations.

Lyna is Teochew and is the daughter of Vietnamese Boat People. Food was always the vehicle for cultural connection and storytelling at home. Lyna's passion for food led her to pursue health-supportive cooking professionally, followed by completing a master's degree in Food Studies from New York University. She recently moved to Los Angeles, and in her free time enjoys hiking, and discovering neighborhoods by visiting farmers markets and trying new restaurants with her husband and toddler.