As APIFM’s program manager, Linda values the power of helping people grow. She is most known for being community-oriented and is motivated to help others who sincerely benefit from APIFM services. Before being manager, she was APIFM’s Community Engagement Coordinator. Linda is most proud of her contributions to the elder community of Chinatown. She hosted a wide range of community activities like Tai Chi, nutrition education, and produce distributions. Linda loves working with promotorx, or champions of the community. They help Linda enhance the collecting of feedback from the communities served.

Linda takes pride in her cultural roots. Born and raised in the SGV, Linda grew up with ethnically Chinese, Southeast Asian parents. Immigration stories like her parents’ inspires Linda to continue supporting diverse communities. That is why Linda is currently pursuing a master’s degree in librarianship. She dreams of becoming a library professional to support the equitable distribution of resources to local communities. Linda will be part of USC’s MMLIS graduating class of 2023.