Kyle Tsukahira is a proud fourth generation Japanese American (Yonsei). During WWII, Kyle’s grandparents were incarcerated in Heart Mountain, Wyoming which was one of ten concentration camps set up by the U.S. government to imprison over 120,000 Japanese and Japanese American during the war. Over two-thirds of the people forcibly incarcerated were U.S. citizens. His family’s experience continues to fuel and drive his passion for social justice today.

Kyle is currently a Co-Director at Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement (APIFM). Kyle has over ten years of experience in leading community-based programs focused on health equity, food access, and environmental justice for Asian & Pacific Islander (API) communities in Los Angeles. Since 2013, Kyle has been at the forefront of APIFM’s air pollution and environmental justice work centered on education, outreach, and advocacy. Kyle leads APIFM’s Food Roots Harvest (FRH) program which connects local and sustainably grown Asian produce to communities and businesses in Los Angeles while supporting Asian American and other farmers of color in California.

Kyle was born in Los Angeles and raised in Temple City, CA. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Asian and Asian American Studies and a Master’s degree in Public Administration (MPA) from California State University, Los Angeles. Outside of work he enjoys snowboarding, traveling, taiko drumming, and listening to comedy podcasts.