Advisory Board

Passion for APIFM: Daphne is excited to be a part of APIFM because of her passion for health and wellness as it contributes to active living. She strongly believes in APIFM’s mission to provide a healthy and sustainable environment to the API community here in Los Angeles and wants to support this effort in any way she can.

Work affiliation: Physical Therapist with HealthFit Physical Therapy and Chiropractic

Bio: Daphne was born in Singapore and grew up on the east coast in Maryland, just outside of Washington DC. Her enthusiasm for healthy active living and building relationships drove her to become a physical therapist, which allows her to help people to move well from a wholistic standpoint. She graduated from Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2018. Then, her love for warm weather as a result of being Singaporean drove her away from the wintery cold in DC to move out to sunny Los Angeles, California that same year. In addition to being a physical therapist, Daphne is also a part of Subtle Asian Voices, a YouTube collective that advocates for breaking stereotypes within the Asian American community.

Fun Fact: Daphne loves indoor gardening (aka house plants) and has transformed her apartment into an indoor forest.