In efforts to make fresh and affordable produce accessible to our neighborhoods, APIFM launched pop-up markets at KYCC’s Menlo Family Apartments in Koreatown (July 10) and PWC’s Larry Itliong Village in Historic Filipinotown (July 24). Local residents selected from the fresh produce provided by local farmers who are part of Roots Food Hub, a food justice project of API Forward Movement. A variety of choices were provided to the residents including baby bok choy, cucumbers, carrots, grape tomatoes, nectarines and peaches. APIFM subsidized produce costs by 50% to help make these locally grown produce affordable! All produce was sold out at both pop-up markets with residents eagerly asking for more!

All vegetables were sustainably grown, pesticide free and sourced from Padao Farms located in Fresno, CA. All fruits were certified organic and sourced from Ken’s Top Notch produce located in Reedley, CA. For more information about the Roots Food Hub program please visit: