Advisory Board

Lulut was introduced to APIFM through the Board Leadership Program (BLP) as an intern. Because of her experience in health care, Lulut was immediately drawn to APIFM’s mission and vision—access to good health and healthy environment for all communities of color. Lulut was born and raised in the Philippines and a first-generation immigrant. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts and came to the United States with years of experience in Marketing Communications. Lulut is Project Management Lead for Kaiser Permanente’s Multicultural Markets and a strong advocate of equity, inclusion and diversity (EID) to help address health disparities and improve health outcomes. She has been an integral part of the EID Education Committee for many years and has facilitated training sessions, activities, and discussions to encourage an inclusive work environment. Lulut is also co-chair of KPAPIA (Kaiser Permanente Asian Pacific Islander Association) BRG Burbank Chapter where she continues to raise awareness and understanding of the diversity and complexity of the API population. Fun fact(s): Lulut is a strong advocate of the following: Adoption: This comes from her family’s experience of adopting a baby girl back in the 80s and appreciating the joy that she brought to her family! ASL for all: Lulut took American Sign Language (ASL) classes to challenge herself. This experience led her to meet new friends from the Deaf community. She continues to learn about Deaf culture and is grateful to be part of Holy Angels Catholic Church of the Deaf. Today, her goal is to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of learning ASL for better communication and inclusion. Dignity for the homeless: Lulut considers herself blessed to be able to travel in the US and abroad. She became curious about those travel size toiletries—shampoos, conditioners, soaps, etc.—that hotels provide. One day, she decided to bring them home. She started collecting them, assembling them into kits, and donating them. Her first donation went to a temporary homeless shelter in Glendale in the winter of 2013. She continued her hygiene kit project and has donated to organizations that help homeless individuals and families, like The Shower of Hope and Burbank Temporary Aid Center.